Amazon Drops the Price of the Alexa Timer Countdown Echo Wall Clock

Amazon Drops the Price of the Alexa Timer Countdown Echo Wall Clock

Amazon lowered the price of the Echo Wall Clock, the extremely useful visible countdown screen for the Alexa timer. The Amazon Alexa voice-controlled timer is the most useful and ready-to-use feature of any Echo smart speaker. The Echo wall clock increases the audible timer of Alexa with a visual countdown.

Using the Alexa timer is very easy, it is the first skill that many Echo smart speaker owners test. Simply say "Alexa, set a 12-minute timer" to start a countdown. When we bought our first Echo Dot smart speaker, our family adapted quickly and started using the Alexa timer to cook, nap, meditate, water a newly sown part of our lawn and much more. The first drawback we noticed with the audible timer was the tracking of the remaining time. With a single-hearing timer, the only way to know how much time is left is to ask. You can say, "Alexa, how much time is left?", But that can be exhausting quickly if you use the timers as often as we do. With the Echo wall clock, you can see the remaining time for several timers at a glance – if you are in the same room.

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The Echo wall clock is a 10-inch diameter analog clock with 60 small LED lights on the perimeter of the clock to indicate the minutes. The LEDs only light up to indicate the time remaining for the timers or reminders. The watch works with four AA batteries, included in the box, along with a drywall mounting screw and an anchor.

The Echo Wall Clock must pair via Bluetooth with a compatible Echo device within 30 feet to operate. The watch is compatible with Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Spot and Echo Input. You can not synchronize the Echo Wall Clock with the Fire, Fire TV or TV Cube, Amazon Tap or Echo Dot Kids Edition tablets.

Configuration is easy. Say: "Alexa, set up my Echo wall clock" and follow the voice instructions. After configuration, the clock adjusts the time according to the location of the Echo device and automatically adjusts to daylight saving time.

When you set several timers with the Echo paired device, the Echo Wall Clock shows the time remaining for each one. The clock shows the minutes remaining for each timer and flashes rapidly during the last 60 seconds.

Usually, at a price of $ 30, the Echo Wall Clock costs $ 25 during this sale. If you use the Alexa timer skill with an Echo device in your home, especially if you set up many timers and reminders, take advantage of this infrequent discount to add a visual display to the audio-only countdown timer.

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