A Fan Re-created a FF7 Remake Battle in Dreams and It Looks Awesome

  battle remake ff7 recreated in dreams 2

If you can not wait to play the expected Square Enix JRPG Remake of Final Fantasy 7 Media Molecule has a temporary solution. The game of the study Dreams provides players with a platform with tools to create games, movies, music, paintings and much more. One of those players has embraced the spirit of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and has recreated a game battle using Dreams .

Twitter user Julian aka Figburn shared a clip that is a little over a minute long and presents an impressively deep game sequence that takes place in Dreams . The clip is all combat and presents Cloud, Tifa and Barret against the boss of Air Buster. This is a fight that will surely take place in Final Fantasy 7 Remake at the launch and was mocked in the trailer of the release date of the game (two minutes and fifty-two seconds). 19659007] The Dreamake FF7 has an artistic style that sits somewhere between the low-poly visuals of the original game and the more realistic visuals seen in Final Fantasy 7 Remake . The skills are similar to the real ones and the creator even included an active time bar that, once filled, gives players access to special abilities. Time is not reduced to a trace as in Remake when selecting those skills, but having the ability to use Dreams to do something so detailed is impressive. You can even switch between the three characters to use their different weapons and standard abilities.

Julian shared in a later tweet that the creator of this gameplay was sosetsuken5360. It's called FFVII Dreamake if you're participating in early access for Dreams Creator and want to check it yourself.

Media Molecule has established itself as a developer that channels the imaginations of its audience. as far as the debut in the studio with the first Little Big Planet in 2008. Dreams is a modern realization of the mantra "Play, Create, Share" of the studio and the developers are using Its the early access phase as a way to show the potential of the game.

Early access to Dreams began in April of this year and examples like this FF7 Dreamake really make it look like the sky is the limit with creative tools. If Media Molecule can attract even more creators, this could end up being a great success for the players on the PS4.

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