best electric guitars under $ 1000

8 Best Electric Guitars Under $1000 You Can Buy Today

Among several instruments, the guitar has a special importance. Whether young or old, almost all music lovers are fascinated with this instrument. The price range of guitars varies greatly according to their type and quality.

Everyone wants to buy a good guitar at a reasonable price. In this article, you will find a list of best electric guitars that can be purchased for just under $ 1000 .

By organizing this list you have ensured that these electric guitars are worth your money and

 best electric guitars under $ 1000

1 . Fender Classic Series & # 39; 50s Stratocaster

For classical musicians, this Fender Classic Series ‘50s Stratocaster is definitely a perfect match. This model is available in different colors, such as Daphne Blue, Fiesta Red and Surf Green.

This vintage modified guitar is specially designed to please people who love to capture the happy shapes of the 50's era.

The elegant design of this electric guitar is a visual delight that has a maple fingerboard, a Soft V-shaped neck and an 8-hole puncher up to small-sized things like switch tips and knobs.

This powerful guitar has its position among the best guitars in the world. In general, it is considered one of the favorite guitars to play by most guitarists. The key reason behind its immense popularity is its appropriate weight; which means that the guitar is neither too heavy nor too light for the user to have difficulty transporting or playing it.

If someone wants to invest in an excellent guitar but is not willing to take risks, then this guitar is the most suitable safe choice to spend money.

Especially for people who admire vintage things, this guitar will make its place among very attractive and pleasant instruments.

 electric guitars greater than 1000

2. Fender American Special Telecaster

For fans From blues, rock and country music genre, Fender Standard has produced an incredible electric guitar known as "American Special Telecaster". This guitar instrument has two Texas Special Tele pickups, a maple neck and an adorable alder body.

The design perspective of American Special Telecaster is vintage as the Stratocaster of the 50s. Its only difference is that the appearance of this vintage blond model of Special Telecaster is less sentimental.

The sound quality of the guitar is highly approved by all musicians. For someone who admires the traditional electric guitar sound; This guitar would be the first option to buy.

Even for the mastery of pop music, this guitar works very well. It should be noted that, in the case of heavier musical genres, Fender American Special Telecaster could not give the required satisfactory results.

 the 8 electric guitars below 1000

3. Epiphone Les Paul Cherry Sunburst

The next on the list of killer electric guitars with a budget of $ 100 is Epiphone Les Paul Cherry Sunburst. The beautiful guitar has rosewood fingerboard material and mahogany body.

The top of maple is light and thin compared to the rest of the guitars. This quality makes this guitar a comfortable option and a support for musicians.

Both volume and tone are adjustable in the two Alnico V Humbucker pickup configurations installed on the guitar. Apart from that, the guitar also has other excellent attributes such as the Tune-o-Matic bridge, LockTone and a stop tailpiece.

Epiphone has been in the guitar production business since 1873 and has maintained its name along with the quality of the instruments produced.

This Epiphone model looks a lot like the original 1952 by Les. In terms of money, this great guitar is a little cheaper than the guitars mentioned above; Therefore, it is easy for the pocket as well.

 electric guitars with a value less than 1000


It will not be a mistake to say that this guitar has its own beauty. Not only does it sound great, it also looks extremely good. Its striking appearance attracts attention instantly.

This unique guitar is made of koa wood. Koa is the name of a Hawaiian wood that has a special perspective due to the interesting grain pattern. This guitar is the first option for people who are not fond of plastic material and are fans of organic and natural things.

It is a well known fact that the material used in the formation of the guitar has a huge effect on the guitar. sound.

The question that arises instantly in our mind is: does the effect of koa wood sound?

To our relief, yes, Koa wood has an impact on the sound of the guitar and that too in a very positive way. It makes the sound brighter, deeper and more satisfying.

If you're curious to know how different and good this guitar sounds, then there are many YouTube videos that can help you in this matter.

Hurry up and please your ears with good music.

 top 8 best electric guitars below 1000

5. Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster

As the name implies, this electric instrument is a product of the giant guitar company Fender. The word "Deluxe" in the name further emphasizes the fact that this guitar is special and better than the rest of the guitars. Nashville is the center of country music.

Therefore, the Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster has a very attractive name and a very satisfactory quality.

It would be unfair to specifically classify this beautiful piece of an instrument for the country genre. Although it works extremely well for country music; It can also work well for all other musical genres due to its versatility.

It has a stratification tablet in the middle and two vintage silent pickup configurations. One is present on the bridge and the other is on the neck.

The guitar also has lock tuners that provide guitarists with the ability to tune the guitar according to their needs and change the strings of the electric guitar.

 electric guitars that I can buy for less than 1000 dollars

6. Schecter Synyster Gates

This guitar is a nice alternative gift for people who want to have Synyster Gates Custom but cannot afford it due to the high price. It looks a lot like the guitar of the Avenged Sevenfold guitarist.

A couple of insignificant differences would be his fingerboard that is made of rosewood instead of ebony and the presence of a screwed mahogany neck instead of having a fixed mast. . Rosewood is naturally oily; therefore, it is a good choice for the fretboard because one would definitely not like to invest in a dry-looking fingerboard.

Another advantage of Rosewood is its positive effect on sound because it can capture additional harmonics that make the tone more complete.

This guitar is the best choice for lovers of the punk, hard rock and metal genre. The appearance is super cool, with an excellent gloss black finish with silver stripes.

Other things included in this original model are the Death Bat, SYN inlays and a Floyd Rose tremolo. It should be noted that this guitar comes with a useful guitar case that adds to the beauty of this great guitar ensemble.

 electric guitars that you can buy with usd 1000

7. Yamaha RevStar RS820CR [19659055] Buying something unusual and different from other people is a natural human desire. Musicians like other genuine people want to spend money on something special like an exceptional guitar. For such musicians with a unique taste; Yamaha RevStar is a perfect choice.

The amazing guitar design is inspired by the Speed-Racer motorcycle in Tokyo and London. This collection has a diverse range of guitars so that anyone can have a guitar of their choice and needs.

An interesting fact is that the company claims that the quality of the guitar is good to the point that one will consider the guitar. from your best half.

For a guitar to be a good half better, it must be comfortable to play it. On a serious note, the Yamaha team has ensured that the guitar is comfortable enough to produce great sound. Special attention has been given to make its sound as good as its appearance.

The guitar is ergonomic and has a hidden contour in the forearm, a deep cut in the belly and a joint in the neck that help to play at the top of the fretboard.

 top electric guitars under $ 1000

8. Godin 5th Avenue CW Kingpin II

Last but not least, this guitar is another great entry in the list of affordable electric guitars for less than $ 1000. The guitar not only looks classic but also sounds classic. The Godin 5 guitar th Avenue CW Kingpin is specially designed to make guitar lovers nostalgic for the era of the 50s.

In terms of sound, the sound of the guitar is a little different from the sound of the 50s, since it has better volume and projection in the mid and low.

This allows the treble not to stand out like crazy, so the guitar is a great option for both accompaniment and solo.

Another special feature of this top class guitar piece is two Godin Kingpin P90 single coil pickups. Because of these pickups, the guitar can produce a lovely vintage tune in a somewhat improved way.

It is made in North America, probably in Canada, because its mast is made of Canadian silver leaf maple.

 best electric guitars you can buy for less than $ 1000

few words

Now you can have your own electric guitar without breaking the bank.

These guitars cost less than $ 1000 but they are definitely of excellent quality.

This article was written by a freelancer.

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