12 Best Free Horoscope Apps for Android and iPhone in 2019

No one knows what's going to happen tomorrow, right? Still, we want to take a look at everything that seems to be on the cards to be better prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead and never let the unique opportunities disappear. And that is exactly what brings us closer to astrology: the study of the impact that cosmic objects, such as stars and planets, have on human lives. If you believe in astrology and prefer to plot your future course of action based on horoscopes, we have it covered with the best free horoscope apps for Android and iPhone in 2019

The best free horoscope apps for Android and iOS in 2019

In addition to offering common horoscopes based on your zodiac signs, many of these astrological applications also allow you to discover the compatibility of your love. Therefore, if you can not decide who can make a perfect combination with you, these applications can be useful and offer a percentage of compatibility. On the other hand, you can also contact expert astrologers and ask for advice. That said, let's explore the summary to choose your favorite horoscope application for iOS or Android right now!

1. TimePassages

Whether you are new to astrology or have been a follower for a long time, you will find that "TimePassages" is a complete application for the horoscope. The best part of this application is the Advanced Astrology Glossary which guarantees that it is never confused with an unknown terminology. In addition, it also plays an important role to help you understand everything that is aligned on the cards for you.

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Another aspect where TimePassages seems to have an advantage over many of its counterparts is the clean and intuitive interface which makes navigation quite simple.You can use this application to get horoscopes every day and find out the meaning of the sun sign, the rising sign, the lunar sign and more, it also has color tables that provide a better understanding of your future with detailed descriptions, in case you are a professional astrologer, you can also create graphics and graphical analysis.

Install: iOS (free purchases available within the application)

2. AstroMatrix

When you want to understand your birth chart perfectly, what is really useful is the availability of accurate reports and carefully designed letters . Well, "AstroMatrix" guarantees that you have all the necessary reports along with the tables prepared by experts so that you do not have any difficulty in understanding the birth charts.


With the help of summary sections you will have detailed information on each of the position of your planet. In addition, they will also allow you to discover the positive and negative impacts. Daily horoscopes, which place more emphasis on the way of the moon and on how they impact their natal planets, keep it updated. The weekly horoscopes, which focus on personal planets that include Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus, allow you to know the challenges that lie ahead or the opportunities that await you in the wing.

Install: iOS and Android (free purchases available within the app)

3. Signz Astro Network

Have you ever wondered what your compatibility percentage might be with your life partner or close friends? If so, try "Signz" for to discover your compatibility percentage with your partner . Depending on the time and place of your birth, the application lets you know how well you meet someone.

  Signz Astro Network

You can also use it to find out its compatibility with your group . The application also provides daily horoscopes that can be filtered based on many fundamental aspects, such as age, sex, zodiac sign and many more. In addition, the application comes with a integrated map so you can find new people from around the world and see how compatible you are with it.

Install: Android and iOS, (free purchases available within the app)

4. Co – Star

Looking for more personalized astrology ? "Co-Star" is the one that can ideally satisfy your tastes by offering horoscopes that are fully equipped with what you are looking for. Unlike other ordinary astrology applications, its forecasts are based on a map of the sky, as well as on the exact time and place of its birth . In addition, the application also takes advantage of NASA data to track the movement of the planets.


Co-Star offers a lot of personalization, allowing you to dictate your own terms and see the results that are in line with your expectations. Developed by AI shows an accurate compatibility of planet by planet . In addition, the application also provides updates in real time when the planets move to keep you updated. For me, what makes this application so useful is the intelligent personality analysis that helps you to have more information about a person.

Installation: iOS (free purchases available within the application)

5. AstroTalk

When it comes to providing accurate predictions, AstroTalk has always been a prominent name. The reason why it is considered more accurate is that uses several advanced astrology mechanisms including Nadi astrology, Vedic astrology, Hindu astrology, KP astrology, the Prashant table and more.


Whenever you are faced with a complicated question or you are not sure of the meaning of any sign, you can contact The Fortune Teller and ask the question. takes approximately 6 hours to offer the well-researched answer to your query . To fully support your claim, it also allows you to know planetary positions. Keep in mind that you will have to recharge your wallet (through the purchase from the application) to chat or have a live call with an astrologer. This is one of the best free horoscope apps you can use.

Installation: iOS and Android (free purchases available within the application)

6. Astro Future

If you want to have an application that allows you to understand compatibility with love easily I would recommend taking into account the "Astro Future". It is a quite simple but very efficient horoscope app for iOS. You can add as many people as you want and get the compatibility percentage.

  Astro Future

There is an interesting synastry chart that lets you discover how two people can influence the horoscope of the other. You can also see the natal charts with detailed horoscopes. As each aspect is explained vividly, you can understand its meaning. In addition, it offers horoscope reports PDF which is easier to read and share.

Install: iOS (free purchases available within the application)

7. Time Nomad

If you are a professional astrologer and are looking for a highly efficient toolkit you should not miss the "Time Nomad". With this application, you will get a complete graph for any date and time. Using the built-in planetary hours calculator the planetary hours alarm and other useful tools, it creates more complete and more accurate graphs.

  Time Nomad

You can check the timeline for the near future and also receive alerts in real time about any celestial phenomenon. And with the super useful home screen widget you can monitor the current frame along with the moon phase and cycle more conveniently. In addition, you can also view your current transits or any date and time.

Install: iOS (free purchases available within the application)

8. Horoscope Club

If it is time to put simplicity above everything else, the "Horoscope Club" can appear directly on the image. The application is designed for offer not only common horoscopes but also love and business. So, if you want to get the daily dose of predictions for next week or if you want to track your love / business life, you must meet their demand.

  Horoscope Club

With the premium version of Horoscope Club, you can access some remarkable goodies like many sexy themes . If you like personalization or want to personalize your stuff, those cool themes could easily get your attention. Not to mention the love tips that could help you win your soul mate's heart.

Install: Android (free purchases available within the application)

9. Daily Horoscope

It does not matter if your zodiac sign is Libra, Gemini or Capricorn, you can quickly know your characteristics of the zodiac with "Daily Horoscope". The application has a clean interface and allows you to explore alternative druid horoscopes. Depending on what you are looking for, you can see your daily, weekly and monthly predictions.

  Daily Horoscope

And, just in case, if you ever miss any forecast, you can go back and check the previous forecasts. As I am very fond of personalization, I like his library of colors and custom fonts that make it a practical customization. There is also an option for favorite content and easily access it later . In addition, you can add the reminder of your horoscope so you do not forget to do something important.

Installation: iOS and Android (free purchases available within the application)

10. Signs of the Sun

There are many reasons why the "Signs of the Sun" can become his all-in-one horoscope application . First of all, the app shows detailed reports according to your zodiac signs, which let you know the things that are being prepared to come to your life. And with the daily guide it prepares you in a better way to face challenges and also take advantage of the great possibilities that will probably knock on your door.

  Sun Signs

When upgrading to the premium version of Sun Signs, you can unlock several important functions, such as love compatibility, love tarot, Gemini horoscope and more. What I found really adorable in this application are games like love cookie, magic ball of love, magic and ball that incorporate some fun elements to the mix. There is also a tarot tab where you can make a wish and then choose a card from the deck. The card you choose will reveal the final result of your wish.

Installation: iOS and Android (free purchases available within the application)

11. Instantgo

Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to understand some signals and get their true meaning. That's where it's crucial to get in touch with spiritual experts. With Instantgo at your disposal, you can easily connect with an experienced psychic or fortune-teller and solve everything complicated.

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What I personally have found appreciable in this application is the option to have quick access to a growing community of tarot readers, astrologers, oracles and more . Therefore, it is much easier to have accurate predictions and also get much needed advice on how to handle unexpected obstacles. More importantly, the application comes with a virtual assistant that keeps a tab of its use and helps you respond quickly with appropriate responses.

Installation: iOS and Android (free purchases available within the application)

12. iHoroscope

Last but not least, to keep track of horoscopes and know what the future holds, "iHoroscope" seems to be a good option. By using this application, you can review your forecasts for today, this week, month or even a year . And according to the predictions, you will discover several things, that is, if your career will have an incredible success or your life will finally have the love you have been waiting for many years.


When it comes to love, it's really hard to figure out how things could change. And that's when you need to have an experienced psychic who would always be ready to guide you with professional advice. In addition, the application will also allow you to discover your compatibility with love that could play a vital role in helping you find a better partner.

Install: iOS and Android (free purchases available within the app)

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Get your daily dose of accurate predictions with these amazing free horoscope apps

Although I do not really like astrology, I like to keep track of what is expected to span my life. Sometimes, the horoscopes sound a little funny or even beyond what you can believe, however, you never know when those mysterious things could come true. Since when have you been following your horoscopes and how often have they proven to be right in your life? I would love to know your story and the miracle you had seen coming long before it really came. So, be sure to ring in the comments section below and tell us what your favorite free horoscope apps are.

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