10 Best Hotjar Alternatives You Should Use in 2019

In a very short time, Hotjar (founded in 2014) has become a favorite of website owners for their web analysis needs. What gives it a clear advantage over other web analysis platforms is the versatility that not only offers more flexibility, but also makes it easy to analyze users' online behavior. Combining several fundamental things like heat maps, conversion funnels, form analysis, opinion polls and more, it is a unique platform to track visitor behavior and diagnose problems. That said, the website analysis tool has some shortcomings, such as the inability to provide in-depth analysis and less organized video recordings. Not to mention that it also seems to add a lot of loading time to websites, which is nothing more than a nightmare, to say the least. If these disadvantages have forced you to look further, let's explore the best Hotjar alternatives of 2019!

Note: Similar to Hotjar, all the alternatives mentioned in this list offer several price packages that come with different sets of features and scopes. Therefore, visit their price page to get a clear quote according to your needs.

The best Hotjar alternatives you should try in 2019

Gone are the times when only a few web analytics platforms used to rule the entire landscape. Therefore, it is not about monopoly or duopoly. So, if you want to have a cheap or free alternative to Hotjar or you want to get a more powerful substitute that can meet your professional demand immaculately, you have many options to choose from. While some web analysis tools are very similar to Hotjar in terms of features, others go far beyond offering a deep insight into visitor behavior. Regardless of what the terms set out in your priority list, let's look for the best alternatives to Hotjar in the store, okay?

1. Matomo

"Matomo" may not be a popular name, but when it comes to providing reliable web analytics, it is on par with the best in the business. In addition, it has a relatively low price at $ 20 / month, which makes it an excellent economic alternative to Hotjar. Beyond the price, the web analysis platform comes with all the essential features like heat maps session recordings, A / B tests, funnels, objectives and form analysis so you can analyze the behavior of the visitors with the desired flexibility.

But unlike Hotjar, Matomo delves a little deeper into the details that provides vital information such as media analysis, content interactions, transitions and row evolution. Therefore, if the former cannot offer the necessary analytical data on visitors, it can be very useful to boost the growth rate and also diagnosing the Achilles' heels .

Another feature that makes Matomo an excellent substitute for Hotjar is "Visitor profiles" that allows you to evaluate each visitor's action and compiles a complete historical profile. You can use this handy profile to see the entire trip of an active user in just a few seconds.


  • Provide vital information such as media analysis, content interactions and transitions
  • Visitor profiles
  • Economic


  • Feels slow sometimes
  • Comparatively, the the interface does not offer much customization

Price: Free 30-day trial, $ 20 / month

Visit: Website

2. Mouseflow

Mouseflow is one of the few website analysis tools that offers the best of both worlds : impressive analysis and competitive pricing. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable but highly effective Hotjar alternative, you can fit your billing with pretty good results.


In terms of features, Mouseflow is very similar to Hotjar's notable offers such as form analysis, session reproduction, heat maps and funnels. Although they cannot compete with the latter's offers in terms of efficiency, they may prove more than a handful. In addition, it also offers integrations with several popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Google Analytics, Hubspot and Shopify that provide more flexibility.

If Hotjar claims to have tons of filtering options, Mouseflow is not far behind. For example, it uses filters and segments to quickly segment its visitors by operating system, traffic source, location and more. Even better, it also allows you to save a respective filter for later analysis. Overall, Mouseflow is one of the most affordable alternatives to Hotjar.


  • Integrations with several popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Google Analytics
  • Filters and segments
  • Clean interface


  • It lacks powerful analysis tools

Prices: Free 14-day trial, $ 31.93 / month

Visit: Website

3. Smartlook

When it comes to providing accurate analysis for websites and mobile applications, "Smartlook" has long been a reliable name. But unlike many other website analysis platforms, it is more profitable. Therefore, if you consider that Hotjar is too expensive for your budget, be sure to try it.


Like Hotjar, it works quite well by offering a vivid insight about visitor behavior and also allows you to get to the bottom of each and every one reason. In addition, it also comes with necessary tools such as heat maps, funnels and recording so you can keep track of all the necessary information with ease. Heat maps provide information about UX allowing you to discover where users click and how far they move.

Better yet, Smartlook has a powerful event tracking feature that allows you to track all events on your websites automatically. Save this function for times when you want to closely monitor each important event. In addition to everything, it offers a very practical freemium version. As for the premium version, it starts at just $ 19 / month, which makes it not only a highly profitable option but also the best free alternative to Hotjar.


  • Vivid vision of visitor behavior
  • Heat maps provide information on UX
  • The powerful event tracking function


Prices: Free, $ 19 / month

Visit: Website

4. VWO

For a depth analysis n i and have a much better view of visitor behavior, you cannot go wrong with "VWO" (Visual Website Optimizer). In terms of accuracy and the ability to deliver a detailed analysis, I put it a few notches above Hotjar. By combining heat maps, page surveys and session recordings, it allows you to easily detect problem areas.


You can take full advantage of funnels to discover conversion leaks and discover the reasons behind the fall of visitors. My favorite feature of this analytical tool is the super useful segmentation feature that makes it more convenient to filter reports and also plays a vital role in discovering every subtle information.

Like Hotjar, it also offers form analysis that allows you to discover visitor interaction and the reasons why you leave form analysis. In addition, you can even discover what caused the most confusion or took longer. If you want to go deeper into the details, you can also choose to view the recordings of visitors who did not submit the form or get stuck.

As for the price, VWO is on the expensive side ( $ 368 / month versus $ 89 / month ) of the spectrum. But if you can walk a few extra miles in favor of a detailed analysis and an exceptionally useful vision, VWO would be a first-class alternative to Hotjar.


  • In-depth analysis
  • a better understanding of visitor behavior
  • super-practical segmentation


Prices: Free 30-day trial, $ 368 / month

Visit: Website

5. WalkMe

"WalkMe" has long been a highly qualified web analysis platform . What makes it an excellent substitute for Hotjar is the ability to offer a comprehensive solution. Therefore, if you want to have a better understanding or advanced tools to monitor each activity performed by a visitor, you can meet your expectations with poise.


With features such as business process funnels automatic event tracking and visual reproduction of the session give you the much needed convenience to track a variety of information Thanks to intelligent automation it also speeds up the entire process, which could be a blessing for your productivity.

But unlike Hotjar, WalkMe goes far beyond simply providing in-depth analysis. You can take advantage of the first level campaign designer to boost your campaign. With advanced security to boot, your data remains protected and away from wicked eyes. As for the price, it provides two business pricing plans. While an unlimited free plan comes with basic features such as up to 300 assists per month, the advanced custom plan is priced per budget. You can contact the supplier directly to get a quote for your company.


  • Business process funnels
  • Automatic event tracking
  • Visual session reproduction
  • First level campaign designer


  • Feels a little awkward [19659012] Steep learning curve
  • The premium version is expensive

Price: Free, the premium version is priced at approximately $ 9000 / year

Visit: Website

6. Crazy Egg

If you plan on obtaining a website analysis tool that can offer a lot of customization look no further than “Crazy Egg”. In addition to providing more customization than Hotjar, it also comes with many notable features that can give your most popular rival a chance. And that too, without costing an arm and a leg!

  Crazy Egg

The best part of Crazy Egg is the beautiful stunning heat maps that show where users are going and where they click. In terms of accuracy, it's right in the money. When it comes to session recordings, they work flawlessly, allowing you to find out where your visitors come from and where they seem to be trapped.

In addition, his recordings look a bit more organized than those of Hotjar. Another area where this cost-effective alternative looks pretty good is the ability to create and modify content thanks to the handy editor that is quite easy to use. So, even if you are not a professional developer, you can modify some basic things without any inconvenience.


  • A lot of customization
  • The recordings look a bit more organized
  • Awesome heat maps


  • It doesn't offer an in-depth analysis
  • It doesn't offer a simple way to create white label reports

Price: Free 30-day trial, $ 24 / month

Visit: Website

7. FullStory

Although there is a lot I like in FullStory, I would talk about the remarkable features that make it an excellent alternative to Hotjar. First, the web analysis platform is designed to perform multiple tasks. Therefore, no matter if you are trying to closely monitor user trends or obtain repetitions of the session, it comes with all the tools to keep you informed.


Compared to Hotjar, FullStory provides a comprehensive analysis of digital interaction. But what distinguishes it from the rest is the intuitive way of presenting detailed information. From the comprehensive quantitative analysis to the fundamental qualitative research, it ensures that you have access to all the vital information on a board without clutter.

Even better, this web analysis platform also offers a freemium variant with basic features, unlike Hotjar. But its premium version starts at an amazing price at $ 849. If you are looking for a basic tool without spending money, the free version could be a good alternative. Despite the high price, the FullStory premium variant could be the answer to your complete and accurate analytical demand.


  • Provides a comprehensive analysis of digital interaction
  • Comprehensive quantitative analysis
  • An intuitive way to present a detailed view


  • The premium version has a very high price [19659014] Prices: Free, $ 849 / month

    Visit: Website

    8. Freshmarketer

    For marketing professionals who think that Hotjar cannot help them get better leads and desperately want to earn more sales with intelligent conversion optimization "Freshmarketer" appears to be a excellent bet Using dynamic heat maps, you can effortlessly analyze visitor behavior by monitoring various things like clicks and displacements on your website.


    Freshmarketer also comes with a visual editor to help you edit web pages. Being quite simple to use, you can change text, image and many other elements with comparatively, the Freshmarketer visual editor looks a bit more intuitive than Hotjar. As for conducting surveys, it offers you a lot of flexibility to customize the survey widget using a beautiful color palette.

    It is expensive compared to the Hotjar opening plan ($ 257 / month), however, it offers cheaper plans that start at $ 49 / month. Depending on the user's requirements, it may be cheaper to use.


    • Intelligent conversion optimization
    • Dynamic heat maps
    • A super practical visual editor
    • Customize survey widget


    • Requires a lot of learning curve

    Prices: Free 30-day trial, $ 49 / month (10K visitors / billed annually)

    Visit: Website

    9. Mopinion

    Are you looking for a Hotjar alternative that can provide the most feedback analysis ? "Mopinion" promises to be the right answer to your needs. What has caught my attention in this web analysis platform is the event driven comment system that allows you to adjust the comment forms for specific groups of online visitors. Therefore, you are more likely to get the desired response from visitors.


    Another area where Mopinion seems to have an advantage over Hotjar is the ability to provide full text analysis reports . And with the fully customizable control panel, you can get rid of the mess to show only the information you need. In addition, it also provides shared email and real-time alerts to keep the entire team in sync.

    The only department where Mopinion seems to have lost the mark compared to Hotjar is the price. At $ 229 / month, the latter seems too expensive.


    • Event driven feedback system
    • Provides full text analytical reports
    • Fully customizable dashboard


    • Lacks in-depth analysis tools

    Price: Free 14-day trial, $ 229 / month

    Visit: Website

    10. Lucky Orange

    Last but not least, I have saved "Lucky Orange" specifically for people who want to get one of the cheapest Hotjar alternatives without compromising quality much. This web analysis platform works more or less as its most famous counterpart. For starters, it has a mess-free interface that guarantees that everything you want to see is just a glance away. As the control panel is fully customizable, tracking important data and keeping unwanted information at bay is never a big problem.

     Lucky Orange

    Like Hotjar, Lucky Orange also creates an automatic recording of each visitor. Thanks to segment recordings you can conveniently discover why users are leaving. On the front of heat maps, it depends on the brand (if not better), which allows you to see how visitors read and interact with your website. Overall, Lucky Orange is what you need to analyze users' online behavior efficiently without spending a lot of money.


    • Clutter-free interface
    • Create an automatic recording of each visitor
    • Efficient heat maps
    • Segment recordings


    • A bit complex to group and view multiple recordings and maps

    Prices: Free 7-day trial, $ 10 / month

    Visit: Website

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    Choose the best web analytics tools like Hotjar

    Having explored all the best web analytics platforms like Hotjar, I think you've finally found the right alternatives that can fit your billing with aplomb. Given several needs, I have chosen a variety of options. So, whether you want to opt for a freemium option or choose a powerful tool to track the voice of your users, they have enough tools to analyze the areas that require urgent attention or the advantages that should be taken as role models to follow. the way to follow. By the way, let me know your favorite Hotjar alternative in the comments below.

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