1 Bitcoin Now Worth More Than $ 2,000, Expected To Cross $4000 In Q4 2017

1 Bitcoin Now Worth More Than $ 2,000, Expected To Cross $4000 In Q4 2017

The most popular of all the Cryptocurrency ( digital currency ), the Bitcoin managed to exceed the value of $ 2,000 specifically, $ 2,167.73 . This currency started its digital circulation in 2009, and in just 7 years its value has skyrocketed compared to the euro, the pound, the dollar or the yen. To give us an idea, only 1 year ago each Bitcoin cost 500 dollars, so in the last year the value of this money increased more than 4 times . No currency on the planet has reached this figure.

1 Bitcoin Now worth more than $ 2,000

Obviously, this is good news for those who bought Bitcoin years ago while those who have not invested money can only think of use a time machine to help us become millionaires in a very easy way and, above all, in a fairly short period of time.

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency that can be sent over the internet. Compared to other alternatives, Bitcoins have a number of advantages, such as the possibility of transferring them through the network without having to go to the bank or the clearing house, lower tariffs, possibility of using them in any country without prerequisites or arbitrary limits.

Bitcoins are being exploited by programmers who use powerful computers to solve complex mathematical problems and when they succeed, they earn more Bitcoins as a reward.

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